Sunday, September 6, 2009 - Happy Labor Day!  Lily is 3 years old as of Monday.  Big week for Lily;  her birthday and becoming a Big Sister to Samantha Jay!  She started her second year at KIP and loves her new teachers, Ms. Susan and Ms. Ann. 
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 - Happy 2009!  Lily is 28 months old.  She started her second semester at KIP last week.  Everyday she enjoys her  teachers (Ms. Judy & Jill), classmates, and lessons.  Lily's an 'expert' in colors, almost has the alphabet knocked out, and counts to 20 like no other!  Santa, mission accomplished for Lily!  Her repeated requests of you for balloons & an icee were fulfilled & more!  Checkout the Gallery for updated pics.

Friday, August 8, 2008 - We've had a great Summer!  Lily enjoys the pool, lake, zoo, playing at the park and eating ice cream!  If you ask her, ice cream is #1!  Big news for little Miss Rogers, she starts pre-school Thursday.  We are excited she is going to start her long road of education.
Saturday, January 5, 2008 - It was a great Christmas & Holiday Season for Lily!  She is a little chatterbox, taking steps on her own, and a book lover! 
Checkout her most recent pics from the holiday. 
Monday, October 15 - Pictures of Lily have been few and far between the last 6 months, but the gallery is updated with pics from September and October!  Lily celebrated her 1st Birthday 8-31-07.  Continue to check back for upcoming holiday photos!
Sunday, April 1 - Lily is 7 months old.  She has started eating baby food.  She likes apples & chicken.  Lily and mom are excited about the spring time weather arriving.  Many visits to the zoo are ahead!  Recent pics have been added to the gallery.   Check back soon to get email updates when new pics are posted!
Friday, February 2 - Lily is  5 months old.  She loves to smile and giggle.  Checkout the Gallery for some cute smiles and an older pic from Lily's 3rd week. 
Tuesday, December 26 - Lily's 1st Christmas is complete, and Thank you everyone for all her great gifts!  Happy Birthday to Lily's grandmother today!!!   Enjoy the updated Gallery pics.  Happy New Year!

Friday, November 17 - Lily is still growing!  Checkout the Gallery for a few recent pics.

Tuesday, October 17 - Today is mommy and dad's 8th wedding anniversary, and our first with Lily!  As for Lily, the cries are louder from her stronger lungs, the hair is falling out (starting on top), and she's still a night owl!  We've added recent pics in the Gallery. Enjoy!